A bit about Craig...

Countries Craig’s Visited

Craig is an independent filmmaker / DJ / World Traveler who sings some crazy Karaoke.

He’s traveled to over 20 countries and 40 states, and actively looks for new and exciting adventures to go on. The combination of seeing the natural beauty of the world, meeting interesting people, and learning about different cultures helps to drive his trips, be they close at home or far flung. 

Many people ask Craig how he affords to travel so much, “you must be a rock star”, he’s gotten. But to Craig it’s just where you choose to spend your money, and how you choose to use it. Someone else might have to have the newest television, or fancy car or just buy drinks 3 times a week (that can add up to hundreds of dollars a month, and in a year, that’s a trip to Thailand!). For Craig he chooses to spend it on adventure, travel and experience. 


El Salvador





•China (Hong Kong)




•Black Rock City :)




•Costa Rica





•Democratic Republic of Congo











•Viet Nam







•Vatican City


•US Virgin Islands

•St. Maarten

•USA :)

All films and photographs copyright Craig Ouellette